MSP Consulting for Vendors

We are quintessential MSP experts. We advise vendors looking to target MSPs & MSPs looking to grow their revenues. Our guidance delivers consistent growth of your MSP business.

Custom Webinars & Seminars

An excellent demand generation vehicles and have some of the quickest sales close ratios. We will jointly deliver these webinars and seminars with your product experts.

Customized Retainers

We offer customizable retainers on a wide array of services including MSP Consulting, Product Marketing / Management Consulting, and Sales Optimization engagements.

Customer / Partner Advisory Council

Our experts provide you strategic guidance on how to construct, run, manage, & nurture your advisory councils. We will even moderate these councils alongside your internal stakeholders.

Gartner MQ Consulting

Our experts develop, augment, and fine-tune your strategy and timing to get on the MQ. We work with your product & marketing teams to construct your MQ questionnaire answers.

Analyst Connection is a full-service analyst firm that provides analyst services as well as a management, marketing, & sales consulting including product management / product marketing advice & sales optimization consulting. We are the experts in transforming innovation into revenue for high tech firms. We specialize in addressing strategic, organizational, operational, process, and technological challenges to improve your business performance through the alignment of business objectives, market conditions, and strategic marketing expertise in B2B and B2C markets.

We are quintessential MSP experts. Our services are for:

  1. Vendors looking to target Managed Service Providers (MSP) to provide managed services using their products.
  2. MSPs looking to grow their revenues.
  3. Enterprise customers evaluating various cloud options to choose the right option(s) for them.
  4. Venture Capitalists (VCs) who want to learn about vendors, technologies, trends, and forecasts in the technology areas we cover.

Events Analyst Connection will be Attending

  • Parallels Summit 2014
    New Orleans, LA           24 February 2014
    Over 90% of all hosted websites on the planet are represented by the service providers who attend Parallels Summit. That creates networking, inform...     Read More

  • Structure Data 2014 by GigaOM
    New York, NY           19 March 2014
    The world’s biggest and most innovative companies are using data to make better products, build bigger profits and even change the world. Joi...     Read More

  • Interop Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, NV           01 April 2014
    The leading independent technology conference and expo series designed to inspire and inform the world's IT community. Discover the most import...     Read More

  • Hosting Con
    Miami Beach, FL           16 June 2014
    The premier industry conference and trade show for web hosting and cloud services providers. The best and brightest from the industry will be in at...     Read More


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